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Wound Care Products


Non-Sterile Latex-Free Co-Flex LF2 Bandages

CoFlex LF2 Cohesive Bandage is a unique quick stick self-adhearing bandage with a soft foam texture. Latex-free but performs better than latex.

Patented hand tear technology. Acts as a secondary dressing without the need for clips or tape. Will not constrict. Bandage measurements are for stretched length. Non-Sterile, latex-free


Medline Remedy Olivamine

Contains natural oilsincluding olive, safflower seed, canola and sunflower seed oils; it also contains aloe vera. Composed of amino acidsGlycine, N-acetyl-L-cysteine and L-proline — the 3 most abundant amino acids in pre-collagen and collagen.

Protectants containing a varietyof ingredients to meet your needs including zinc oxide, dimethicone and petrolatum. Also contains antioxidantssuch as Hydroxytryosol, extracted from olives, L-taurine and Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)


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